Mavic 2 + Goggles PGYTECH Carrying Case



PGYTECH Mavic 2 & Goggles Safety Carrying Case uses high-impact engineering plastic injection molding, solid and durable. Normal working temperature is from -25 to +90 degrees. High quality EVA shockproof lining, precise fits protection equipment. Can place Mavic 2 drone standard, Accessory Bag(except original single-shoulder bag ), Goggle and its accessories, Laptop with screen size below 14" or Ipad, etc. Stainless steel anti-cutting reinforced padlock,anti-theft and prying-resistant, more safe. equipped with waterproof and breathable pressure balance valve, effectively balance the altitude and temperature changes caused by the difference between the internal and external pressure of the box, thus preventing the inability to open the box or crash the box.

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