Inspire 2 GPC Backpack



The GPC Inspire 2 Backpack offers ergonomic comfort with ventilation and padded straps and has been designed to provide an optimal center of gravity weight distribution. This tactical backpack’s versatility also comes with an enhanced MOLLE system allowing for numerous options for carrying additional accessories in the field.

The pack carries the Inspire 2 in travel mode, enough batteries for 4 full flights (one under camera case)4 SSD cards, Zenmuse X5R, X5S or X4S camera box, charging hub and 2 radios. Props and spare props are stored in the exterior side pouches.

Pack also comes with 2 auxiliary MOLLE pouches, one just perfect for a second camera box. Pack your laptop, tools, 2 iPads, charger and miscellaneous items in the exterior pouches.In an effort to give you an additional level of protection we are supplying vinyl motor caps to protect the prop clips. Made with high quality vinyl they offer great protection and their natural stickiness offers a secure fit.

Exterior Length 24 in
Exterior Width 20.5 in
Exterior Depth 10 in





Weight 8 lb 0.00 oz
Shipping Weight 12 lb 0.00 oz

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