Immersion RC

Fatshark/Immersion RC RHCP Circular Polarized Antenna

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  • Increased Range or Traditional Antenna
  • Semi-Rigid Flex Cable
  • Protective RF-Transparent Radome
  • Right-Hand Circular Polarization
  • Four Lobe Skew Planar Antennas
  • Each Antenna Individually Tested
  • SMA Connector
  • For All Fat Shark & ImmersionRC Systems
  • This pair of SpiroNET 5.8 GHz Antennas for FPV Wireless Video Systems are compatible with all Fat Shark and ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz video transmission systems, with one antenna for the air-end transmitter and one for the pilot's FPV glasses or monitor. They feature SMA connectors with semi-rigid cables, allowing you to flex the antenna into an optical position - above the pilot's head in the case of the ground-end antenna. The physical antenna is housed in an RF-transparent radome to help protect it against the elements as well as light collisions.

    Improved usable range compared with a traditional antenna designs
    Four lobe skew planar design
    Right-hand circular polarization
    Each antenna individually tested