DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ WiFi Range Extender (Part 1)

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The Wi-Fi Range Extender for Phantom 2 Vision+ Quadcopter from DJI extends your mobile device's Wi-Fi - normally around 164' average - up to 2296' line-of-sight. The Wi-Fi link provided allows you to monitor a live feed from the Vision Camera as well as operate record START/STOP, tilt, and other camera functions. The Range Extender mounts on the transmitter (hand-held radio controller) for the Phantom 2 Vision+, and is designed to work exclusively with this model - it will not work as a general purpose Wi-Fi extender.

Note: This product must be bound to your aircraft before use. You will need the QR code or serial number for your Phantom 2 during this process. Instructions for the binding process can be found in Phantom 2 Vision+ User Manual. 

Internal battery with micro-USB port for charging