Matrice 300 RTK



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DJI Matrice 300 RTK (NA) Combo | The Cyber Workhorse

Protected by DJI Enterprise Shield support coverage.

DJI Matrice 300 RTK

DJI Matrice 300 RTK

A New Standard For the Commercial Drone Industry

DJI's latest commercial drone platform takes inspiration from modern aviation systems.  Offering up to 15 km of transmission distance, up to 55 minutes of flight time, 6 Directional Sensing & Positioning, an IP45 protection rating, advanced AI capabilities, and supporting up to 3 payloads simultaneously, the M300 RTK sets a whole new standard by combining intelligence with high performance and unrivalled reliability.

Improved Transmission System

The new OcuSync Enterprise Transmission system enables transmission range up to 15 km, and supports triple channel video 1080p. Real-time auto-switching between 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz enables more reliable flight near high-interference environments, while AES-256 encryption offers secure data transmission.

    DJI Matrice 300 RTK

    Multi-Sensor Payloads

    See the full picture without missing any details wherever, whoever your mission takes place.

    DJI Matrice 300 RTK

    Seamless User Interface

    A new integrated user interface allows for quick switching between wide, zoom and thermal camera views, and preview the zoom FOV while in wide or thermal view.

    DJI Matrice 300 RTK


    Intelligent Ways to Collect Data

    AI Spot-Check

    Automate routine inspections and capture consistent results every time.  Onboard AI recognizes the pre-marked subject of interest in subsequent automated missions to ensure consistent framing.

    High-Res Grid Photo

    Frame an area of interest in wide camera view, and the zoom camera will automatically capture a set of 20 MP images of the area.  These images are stored together with an overview image that can be viewed in greater detail.

    Enhanced Flight Performance

    The refined airframe and propulsion system design give you a more efficient and stable flight, even in harsh conditions.

     DJI Matrice 300 RTK


    Redundancy Systems for Safer Flights

    The M300 RTK's built-in advanced redundancy systems help keep your critical missions going even in unexpected scenarios.

    Advanced Dual Control

    Either operator can now obtain control of the aircraft or payload with a single tap. This creates new possibilities for mission strategies as well as higher flexibility during operations.

    Multiple Payload Configurations:

    The M300 RTK improves upon the multi-payload configuration that the Matrice 210 series provided with an addition of a third payload.

    The Matrice 300 RTK can be flown in the following configurations:

    • Single Downward Gimbal
    • Dual Downward Gimbal
    • Single Upward with Single Downward Gimbal
    • Single Upward with Dual Downward Gimbal

    Compatible Payloads

    Zenmuse H20 - Hybrid sensor solution with LRF, zoom and wide camera

    Zenmuse H20T - Hybrid sensore solution with LRF, zoo, wide and thermal camera

    Zenmuse XT2 - Dual-sensor camera with a 4K visual sensor and thermal imaging with <50 mK sensitivity

    Zenmuse Z30 - 30x optical zoom camera ideal for detailed inspections.

    Third-Party Payloads - For specialized missions and tasks.



    Firefighting - Fight fires and save lives without endangering personnel.

    Search & Rescue - Act quickly to locate missing people and better plan rescue missions.

    Law Enforcement - Quickly assess a situation and plan accordingly while improving officer and bystander safety.

    Powerline Inspection - Easily visualize extensive power line networks in remote areas.

    Oil & Gas - Conduct inspections of pipelines, well sites, and more while keeping workers away from risky areas.


    Enterprise Shield Support Coverage

    Comprehensive protection solution for your fleet, including two plans: Enterprise Shield Basic and Enterprise Shield Plus.  Offering coverage options with unlimited replacements, shared coverage, rapid delivery and water damage coverage.  Furthermore, DJI will cover all shipping costs when using the service.

    Enterprise Basic Plan
    For all customers who purchase Matrice 300 RTK can enjoy two replacements with a small additional fee.

    Enterprise Plus Plan
    Enjoy unlimited free replacements or repair service by using the coverage amount.  Customers can also activate and bind other DJI products to one Enterprise Shield account to share the coverage across an entire fleet.

    In The Box

    • Matrice 300 RTK Aircraft x 1
    • DJI Smart Controller Enterprise x 1
    • USB Charger for Smart Controller x 1
    • USB-C Cable x 1
    • TB60 Intelligent Flight Battery x 2 (Included Separately)
    • WB37 Intelligent Battery x 1
    • Propellers Pair (CW, CCW) x 2
    • Landing Gear x 2
    • Spare Stick Cover (Pair) x 1
    • Spare Propeller Holder x 2
    • Spare Gimbal Damper x 4
    • USB Cable (with Double A Ports) x 1
    • Vision System Calibration Plate x 1
    • Carrying Case x 1
    • Smart Controller Lanyard x 1
    • Rubber Port Cover (Set) x 1
    • Screws and Tools
    • BS60 Intelligent Battery Station x 1
    • Power Cable for BS60 Station x 1
    • Enterprise Shield Basic or Shield Plus (Activation code to be provided upon purchase)

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